Advisory Consulting and Financing

Madsen Advisory is often retained to advise consultancies several years out from a sale to assist the CEO in the structuring of a saleable business model to deliver the maximum possible return to the shareholders upon a sale.

This advisory work typically involves Succession Management planning, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of existing second tier management and the structuring of the consultancy. At times augmenting the business capabilities of the consultancy with the addition of key individuals or teams.

Often an analysis of the current Key Performance Indicators against industry standards is an extremely useful tool for the CEO to highlight areas where improvements can be made to increase the profitability of the consultancy.

Madsen Advisory often uses an experienced former public relations or public affairs executive, who has already built their own consultancy in either the same or very similar sector and who has therefore experienced and had to solve most of the issues involved.

A database of extremely able and experienced Non Executive Chairman and Directors is maintained by Madsen Advisory to assist consultancies in the years prior to a sale.